We have a talented team of 30 people formed by experts in different areas to provide high performance creative works. We live and breathe our vision: “Offer some fun to the world” and “Add passion to our job”.

You are welcome to check out our cool office and enjoy delicious sushi and wine! We believe in the potential of your brand to achieve success in Japan.

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ZIZO Osaka Office

Osaka Headquarters The purpose of our office is to create the best environment to focus in a relaxed atmosphere. A wide, well illuminated space where smooth music perfectly fits the day’s mood. Our workplace has also a nice area to read manga, meetings with snacks & coffee, and a dark small meditation space for those concentration moments when ideas need to transcend the limits of creativity.

ZIZO Osaka OfficeZIZO Osaka Office
ZIZO Tokyo OfficeZIZO Tokyo Office

Tokyo Office Our Tokyo office is located just in front of a park. We have a baseball glove and a ball to play catch when we are tired of deskwork and need to restore motivation. Our office views are perfect to contemplate the cherry blossoms in spring and the Japanese fall foliage, as we enjoy meeting neighbor companies for food and wine tasting.

ZIZO Osaka Office


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  • Kawaguchi

    Kawaguchi CEO

  • Nakashima

    Nakashima CEO

  • Maegawa

    Maegawa CEO ZIZO Design

  • Chen

    Chen Director

  • Cristian

    Cristian Director

  • Fujioka

    Fujioka Developer

  • Fujita

    Fujita Director

  • Hasegawa

    Hasegawa Director

  • Ishida

    Ishida Designer

  • Lecamus

    Lecamus Developer

  • Jokan

    Jokan Designer

  • Kano

    Kano Director

  • Kato

    Kato Director

  • Maruyama

    Maruyama Director

  • Mikami

    Mikami Director

  • Morita

    Morita Designer

  • Nakajima

    Nakajima Director

  • Nakamura

    Nakamura Designer

  • Nakamura

    Nakamura Director

  • Okamoto

    Okamoto Director

  • Osone

    Osone Director

  • Sakaguchi

    Sakaguchi Developer

  • Tajima

    Tajima Designer

  • Takahashi

    Takahashi Director

  • Takeda

    Takeda Director

  • Takeda

    Takeda Developer

  • Umada

    Umada Director

  • Yamanaka

    Yamanaka Director


Our company name comes from
the resemblance of its
founders and JIZO Buddhist statues.

  • 10OCT
    ZIZO Osaka office

    Moving Offices in OsakaAfter realizing in the old Osaka office there was no room for another single employee, we relocated to a workplace about 3 times big.
    Our new office concept “LOFT&GARAGE” is inspired by Silicon Valley Startups. We are determined to create so many things in this new space.

  • 07JUL
    ZIZO in Singapore

    We are in Singapore!The destination of our second training trip abroad was…Singapore! Under a blistering sun, we were able to team up and visit some other creative companies, while conducting flavor research on Singaporean curry and Bak Kut Teh.

  • 06JUN
    ZIZO Osaka office

    DRONE-PA START!We launched “DRONE-PA”, a service for drone shootings in Hawaii. If we receive a rush of orders we will have to travel to Hawaii every week, but we’ll do our best in this tough business!


8 minutes walk from Higobashi Subway Station (Yotsubashi Line). Osaka is a city full of joy, well known for its vast food culture. There are so many mouth-watering bars and restaurants around Higobashi it takes us ages to go home every day!

AddressOsaka-shi Nishi-ku, Kyomachobori
1 Chome-17-16 Kyomachibori Center Bldg. 10F 550-0003


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